1961 Belair

Vin: 11637Nxxxxxx

There were 177,969 1961 2 Door Sport Coupes made. Total production for the Belair Sport Coupes was:

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This is my Bel Air. There are others like it. Some better. Some worse. But this one is mine. Here is the story of my Bel Air.

The Impala and Biscayne became different trim levels to the Bel Air in 1958. Making the Bel Air the original flagship full-size sedan.

Chevrolet produced seven generations of the Bel Air. The full size veichle was made in the U.S. from 1950 to 1975. The fifth generation ran from 1961-1964. Although the generation was considered the same through that time period, the designs featured contrasting sheetmetal.